Baby clothes are teeny tiny and there's a lot of them!  There's the short sleeve onesie, the long sleeve onesie, the pajama, the footed pajama, the burp cloths... the list goes on.  If you're a mom, you're probably nodding your head with a smirk on your face right now saying "oh yeah" and if you're not a mom you're probably scratching your head and thinking "how could a tiny baby have so much stuffs?"  Of course being the OC that I am, I just had to organize my daughter's drawer.

I organize my baby's clothes by type (onesie, socks, etc).  Her clothes are very tiny and it is impossible to just stack them on top of each other like I would do with my shirts.  I used Real Simple clear bins to create divisions inside the drawers.  I love these bins because they come in different sizes (6 pieces) to custom fit what you have. Here is another before picture:

Obviously, This organizing system wasn't going to work for me! It's just chaos!! Here are the after pictures using the dividers:

It's amazing what $10 could do! I love how the drawers came out.  I don't need to rummage among onesies, mittens or pajamas on every diaper change because I can see where everything is.

An alternative organizer is Ikea's Skubb.  You can also go to your local 99 cents store for plastic bins and still get the same functionality for a fraction of the cost.   You can opt to create dividers using some cardboard if you feel like being creative (I tried to do this but realized I wasn't patient enough and it was too complicated so I figured the monetary cost of Real Simple dividers were worth my time).
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