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This is a very easy DIY and so inexpensive.  One wall in our bedroom is painted dark chocolate brown but I had a hard time finding an art that would go above the bed. 

This is a before picture (what was I thinking?):

I searched Pinterest for an ideal art to go on a dark wall and in one of my searches, I came upon an Ikea RIBBA white frame with a black and white photo.  It was very simple and I knew it would complement our brown wall.  However, the cost of the RIBBA frame was $20 and I needed 2 of them, so that will be $40 and I could get a finished frame for that cost.  I stumbled upon the NYTJJA frame which was only $8 but it didn't have a mat but I figured I could make one.

I bought a poster board for $2 and made my own mat.  I then used our engagement photos to go into the frames.   The total cost for the whole project was around $22 including the pictures.

This is how the brown wall looks now.  It is not the best picture with the sun reflecting back but overall, it came out the way I wanted it to be.  Much much better actually.  The frames pop on the wall and the best thing about the frames is that its about me and my husband. 


My baby just turned 4 months last week and I can no longer keep her by the sofa because she has realized that she can now move around by rolling over or pushing her legs on the sofa arm rest.  I've decided to make her a play area in the living room to give her the space that she needs where she could explore her environment.  Upon research and consideration, I've decided to adapt the Montessori approach in making her play area.

I am more familiar with the Creative Curriculum being that it is what I use in my classroom, but I am gearing towards the Montessori approach because I like the idea of less is more.  Here are some inspiration pictures to get me started, these websites offer invaluable information on using the Montessori approach at home and I am very excited to learn even more. 
The Imagination Tree
Itty Bitty Love
Montessori on a Budget
I am so excited to do this project.  It will be a challenge being that we're short on space but I really want this space for Loren and I know it will be really worth it. Wish me luck!



When I started organizing the nursery, I knew that a changing table was out of the question because of the limited space that we had.  As an alternative, I opted for a diaper caddy that I could bring from the bedroom to the living room and vice versa.


Our nursery has a neutral palette because I wanted the nursery to blend with our bedroom.  My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment and the nursery is situated right in front of our bed.  I am not a fan of color as my friends will attest to and pink is not something that I would want to wake up to every morning.