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My cousin recently had his birthday and I wanted the LO to greet him.  My cousin loves to go to the gym so I drew a muscle man on a poster board and had the LO hold it aka "eat" and "crumple" it.



I love Ikea. What is there not to love? Its modern, simple and inexpensive. Who would have known that I will one day venture into the baby section day? In my search of Montessori toys for the LO, I stumbled upon Ikea toys.  They are very inexpensive and seems very durable.  One drawback is that the toys are not entirely made of wood. This kind of bothers me but for the price, who am I to complain?

Toddler Wagon/Walker $19.99  /  Stack & Nest Cups $2.99  /  Shape Sorter $4.99  /  Building Blocks with Wagon $7.99  /  Sensory Ball $1.99  /  Baby Gym $29.99  /   Play Book $6.99  /  Stacking Rings $5.99  /    Toy Hammering Block $5.99


The LO just went on her first airplane ride! Actually, she traveled 2 times in a consecutive weekend.  It was not bad as I thought it would be.  Prior to traveling, I worried as to what to do at the airport and on the plane being that I've been to a lot of plane rides and I know that baby and airplanes do not go together.  I "googled" for information on what to expect when traveling with a baby but all I got was what to pack for a baby.  So, here is a run down of 5 things you should know when traveling by plane with a baby. Hope it helps! 



The LO just had her first family vacation.  We visited her uncle, aunt and cousins in Arizona.  It was a week of firsts -- first airplane ride, first swim and first trip to the shopping outlet.  It was also a first for my husband and myself to travel with an infant and did we screw up!

I'm not going to lie, but I may have over packed for the LO. I think 1/3 of our checked in luggage was her clothes alone and she only got to use half of it.  I also brought a lot of just "in case" clothes that were not even weather appropriate.  And don't get me started with the burp clothes!  As a general rule I think, it is better to have packed more than she needed.  But nevertheless, it is a lesson learned -- pack what is just needed.